Huntsman Picks Up More Support

Jon Huntsman has upset a few politicos in Iowa after deciding to skip the Iowa caucuses, ABC reports, but the interesting aspect in this story is he’s now brought in a student group that formerly supported Mitch Daniels:

In choosing to avoid Iowa, Huntsman has focused much of his attention on New Hampshire. He has made two separate trips to the Granite State in a two-week period, garnering support from voters who will participate in the nation’s first primary. Huntsman has also picked up an endorsement from students previously supporting Mitch Daniels.

After meeting with Huntsman at the Carroll County GOP breakfast on Saturday, Students for Daniels founders Max Eden and Michael Knowles, along with their 38 former Students for Daniels chapters across the country, have decided to campaign for the former governor.

In a statement on Facebook, Eden says, “Governor Huntsman is the strongest candidate on our generation’s biggest issue: the national debt.”

“Jon Huntsman can bring young voters back into the Republican party because he is a serious candidate, a big thinker, and an authentic guy. He is a statesman, not just a politician,” says Knowles.

OB&B is no longer alone in these sentiments about Jon Huntsman and I am personally not surprised to see more and more people taking his all-but-announced candidacy seriously – mainly due to his strong fiscal record. Look for his support to continue to swell as more and more folks on the right turn from other candidates and give Huntsman consideration.

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