Huntsman to skip Granite State Debate

Jon Huntsman has decided not to participate in a televised June 13 debate in New Hampshire.


Jon Huntsman won’t participate in a presidential debate scheduled for June 13 in New Hampshire — and he won’t announce his decision about whether to run until after that date.

Huntsman is still conducting “due diligence” and thinking about a run, aides said.

“Governor Huntsman will be spending the next few weeks continuing the due diligence process in line with the very short decision-making timetable he has laid out. He will not be participating in any debates until after that process is over and he formally announces his intentions. That announcement will not come before the June 13th debate,” said Paul Collins, Huntsman’s chief consultant in New Hampshire.

The ABC News/WMUR debate, originally scheduled for June 7, is now set for June 13.

This could be a sign that he might not run. Or it could be nothing. Who knows? It is amazing to me that the field is expected to be set so early these days. In years past candidates waited until November or December the year before the election to announce. But now they are holding debates in 16 months before the election?  When people complain that Barack Obama might be spending one billion dollars on his reelection campaign I can see why. He has to, if his opponents are already out there campaigning.  But there’s a way around that. START LATER.

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