The Sound of Minnesota

When people think of Minnesota they usually think about the winter weather or perhaps one of our sports teams or zany politicians, but only slightly less well-known is our vibrant and diverse music scene. Sure – people will think of Bob Dylan and Prince hailing from Minnesota, but did you know there is enough music from the North Star State to last a whole day? It’s true!

On Saturday, May 21st the gem of the Twin Cities radio dial, the Current, will be celebrating our music scene with Minnesota Music Day – a full 24 hours of nothing but Minnesota acts. Thanks to the internet those outside the Twin Cities can stream the Current and check out Minnesota Music Day too.

In addition to the local playlist, the Current is maintaining their regularly scheduled programs. The Saturday morning retro show Teenage Kicks (8 am CDT), the all request Radio Free Current (7-11 pm CDT) and even the all hop-hop Redefinition Radio (11 pm CDT) will be nothing but Minnesota acts. (I know what I’m requesting!) And all of the Currents staff will be stopping in to spin tunes for this special day.

But the Minnesota music love doesn’t stop there. To celebrate the upcoming 70th birthday of Bob Dylan, on Sunday morning the Current will be playing 70 Bob Dylan songs in a row starting at 8 am CDT. That’s 6 hours of straight Dylan hosted by the knowledgeable Bill DeVille. In the evening, The Current Presents (9 pm CDT) will have a hour long feature on Dylan’s early days in Minnesota. (Follow the link and see if you can name the “8 Dylan Songs in 8 Seconds” they have posted.)

That nearly two full days of nothing but music from Minnesota. For those unfamiliar with the diversity of music Minnesota has produced, this is an excellent opportunity to learn just how much of an impact Minnesota has had on music for the last 50+ years. The Current has a mission to support local music and, in addition to special events such as Minnesota Music Day, they now offer an all local stream so if you miss any of the weekend’s special programing, you can always hear Minnesota music online 24/7.

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