Beatles Song of the Week

Gripweed here. I am reminded of a joke from the amazingly funny British sitcom, I’m Alan Partridge.

Alan:  I’ve got a broad taste. From the Britpop bands like UB40 and Def Leppard, right back to classic rock, like Wings.

Bellboy: Who is Wings?

Alan:  They’re only the band The Beatles could have been.

Here is 1973’s “Band on the Run.” This is the title track off of Paul’s most cohesive, and enjoyable solo album. The album was recorded in Lagos, Nigeria as Paul was keen to record in an “exotic” location. After losing two band members who refused to make the trip, he soon realized that the barely adequate and was located in a less than idyllic setting. In these difficult surroundings (Paul was robbed at knifepoint at one point in the sessions and was also confronted in the studio by a local musician accusing the group of stealing local music) Paul created a superb album featuring some of his most popular solo songs (“Band on the Run,” “Jet,” “Helen Wheels,” “Mrs. Vanderbilt,” “Let Me Roll It,” “Bluebird,” “Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five”-that’s pretty much the whole album.). Paul demonstrates his musical dexterity on this album, playing bass, lead guitar, drums, piano and keyboards in addition to producing the album.

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2 Responses to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. Lou says:

    Ram is McCartney’s masterpiece. Band on the Run is good. But Ram is great.

    • Gripweed says:

      On that we agree. It occupies a splendid middle ground between the stripped down one man band sound of McCartney and the “band in training” sound of Wild Life. The production is sharp and the songs are well crafted. It stands the test of time quite well and is my favorite Beatles solo album to listen to at any time.

      Band on the Run is a fantastic album, but Ram is just unique.

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