When Harry Potter meets The Beatles

The Apple Boutique - 1968

Here is a short clip I’ve only just found from a 1968 film called “Hot Millions.” It is notable for two reasons.  First, the setting. This is among the only known footage of the Apple boutique. Opened in December 1967 by The Beatles it was actually one of the earliest Apple enterprises.  The boutique sold hip, Carnaby Street type fashions designed by “The Fool,” a trio of Dutch fashion designers favored by The Beatles.  The boutique was short-lived, closing its doors in mid-1968. But it survived long enough to appear in this film.

Now this is where Harry Potter comes in. The clip features a young Maggie Smith, known to many as Hogwarts’ own Professor McGonagall wearing the height of swinging 60’s fashions. Her co-star for this scene is the one and only Bob Newhart. But it provides a rare look inside a piece of Beatles history. Bonus points if you can spot the Magical Mystery Tour e.p. that the customer is purchasing at the register!

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