Happy Birthday, Bono!

U2 is one of my favorite bands, and with Bono’s birthday so close to mine, it’s no wonder. To celebrate his birthday, I’ve re-written part of one of my favorite U2 songs with the drug war in mind:

So this guy comes up to you
His face shrouded up in a ghetto hood
Got all the ways to make you feel good
And you’re peeling off those dollar bills
Slappin’ em down – 100, 200.
But I can see those fighter planes,
I can see those fighter planes,
Across the border where the children weep
Through the alleys of their blood drenched streets.
You take the stair case to the third floor
Roll a joint and quickly smoke up some more.
As you text for another on your cell phone
Through the walls we hear the city groan.
Outside it’s America. Outside it’s America. America.

Across the killing fields,
See the jungle ripped open,
See bullets raining through the gaping wound,
Pounding the women and children
Who run into the arms of America.

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