Leon Panetta: Man, Myth, Legend

We here at Of Buckley and Beatles would be remiss if we did not pay homage to a man of exceptional talents when we find him.  A man who can shift from endeavor to endeavor without flinching. A man who is singularly qualified to do any job in Washington, it seems. A man who shortly after taking office is able to succeed where others had failed.

Darth Leon

Of course we’re talking about Leon Panetta.

Is it any wonder why President Obama decided to move him over to the Department of Defense last week? This guy’s ability to kick Al Qaeda a$$ transcends the CIA. He can clean out his desk at the Department of Intelligence and kill sixteen terrorists before unpacking his things at Defense.  The Navy Seal mission to kill Bin Laden? Came up with it in his exit interview. Yeah. He’s that good.

We see Donald Rumsfeld is out there asking for credit to be given to the Bush administration for taking out Osama Bin Laden. Please. Sit down Donald, you’re embarrassing yourself.  We know there is only one man bada$$ enough to do what you had seven years to do.

So give it up for Leon Panetta. You have to. He’s CIA. He knows where you live.

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3 Responses to Leon Panetta: Man, Myth, Legend

  1. Timothy Priddy says:

    Roman Catholic, Jesuit trained law professor, Leon Panetta is the man!

    When the Rhodes Scholar/US President Bill Clinton needed someone as smart as he was to tell him what to do, he picked Leon Panetta to be his Chief of Staff.

    When President Obama took aim to fulfill his campaign promise, “We will kill bin Laden,” he picked Leon Panetta “to make the killing or capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war against al Qaeda.”

    Now Leon Panetta is picked to be US Secretary of Defense when Robert Gates retires. What will be his top priority then? Getting out of Iraq? Getting the military monkey off of the national debt’s back?

    What could be next for a man probably then too old to run for President? Maybe we can learn from the Panetta Institute’s 2011 lecture series:
    “Is There a Fair Way to Reduce the Federal Deficit?”
    “How Can Public Education Succeed for Our Children?”
    “How Does America Lead in a Competitive World?”
    “Can Civility Be Returned in Governing Our Nation?

  2. Lawrence Gowin says:

    Leon Panetta is a real man, not a myth and his legacy is one of accomplishment!

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