First of all, congratulations to everyone who made yesterday’s operation to find and eliminate Osama Bin Laden a success. Congratulations to the Navy Seals that pulled off the daring mission, to the other branches of the armed services whose heroic efforts over the past 9 years have led to the capture of those who ultimately gave up the information that led to Bin Laden, and to the Intelligence network (both US and global) that obtained invaluable information without which this could not have happened. Congratulations to President Obama for authorizing the mission. And congratulations to former President George W. Bush for laying seven years worth of groundwork for an objective that others were able to finish (while paying an extremely heavy political price for his decisions).

There are plenty of accolades to go around. But as with most political events that span leaders of different political parties, there is an almost instinctive tendency for both sides to abandon objectivity and to renounce what they once believed in favor of what makes their side look good, or the other side look bad. That’s politics and I am not the least bit surprised. But hypocrisy can and should be pointed out. There will be a time to discuss this. But not today.


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One Response to Congratulations

  1. 71lespaul says:

    It is a great day for the USA and all of civilization. The spiritual motivator of the global jihad movement died like a coward and got dumped like trash. A perfect ending for the biggest mass murderer of our time.

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