Huntsman Headed Home

The Wall Street Journal reports that Jon Huntsman, Jr. is due to arrive in the US tomorrow after  saying his goodbyes to his colleagues at the American embassy in Beijing.

U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman Jr. will land inWashington on Friday with a
presidential campaign-in-waiting, including staff and volunteers in New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida, a polling firm and a fundraising operation built on a billionaire father’s network.

The only question: Does the campaign have a candidate?

Jon Huntsman’s ambassadorship to China ends midnight Saturday.  In the slow-moving 2012 presidential campaign, the saga of Mr. Huntsman adds still more uncertainty to the Republican nomination contest. The former Utah governor has told nobody in his political operation what he intends to do, the people involved say, but the operation is moving forward without him.

Global Times website features a photograph taken from the embassy’s Sina microblog of the ambassador addressing his staff prior to his departure.

We should know more about his political future in the coming days.  As you may have already guessed, there are few as eager to learn this as we are.

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