Poll: GOP Voters not Excited

A new NYT-CBS poll reveals an interesting problem for potential 2012 candidates – the electorate isn’t excited about any of them:

The New York Times-CBS News survey out Thursday found that most Republicans had little enthusiasm for their possible field of candidates, and upward of 80 percent knew very little about some key Republicans who are considering getting into the race. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans couldn’t name one potential challenger to Obama that got them excited.

Asked who they were most enthusiastic about, 9 percent of Republican voters picked Mitt Romney, while 8 percent chose Mike Huckabee.

Nearly 80 percent of Republicans surveyed said they didn’t know enough about Tim Pawlenty to say whether they viewed him positively or negatively. That number was 85 percent for Haley Barbour and 90 percent for Jon Huntsman.

This doesn’t look good for any of the candidates, but my take is this poll is particularly bad for Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and Tim Pawlenty – men who have had their names bantered about for 2+ years and yet they have no following to show for it. While Huntsman’s numbers are not much better, he hasn’t been in the spotlight or able to promote himself like these other gentleman have. Considering the GOP electorate isn’t too excited about the field of candidates thus far, I see an opening for Jon Huntsman to excite the voters.

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One Response to Poll: GOP Voters not Excited

  1. roopost says:


    We suffer from the same ambivalence here in the ‘Great (can’t make it’s mind up about the weather), White North. Perhaps its media fatigue. After so much coverage since the mid-terms, it could be folks aren’t expecting anything new to be said.

    Kind Regards,

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