Dateline April 6 – Brookfield votes for Prosser were reported

The left is currently throwing everything they have into the argument that shenanigans were afoot in the rationally explained reporting error that gave David Prosser 7,500 votes on April 7. Democrats (no strangers to voting shenanigans themselves) wailed that the Republicans must be stealing the election. And oh how they did wail. It must be devastating for them to hear that the correct vote totals were actually reported to multiple sources on election night (the incorrect totals were given to the AP, which caused this mess).

As expected, Brookfield city voters ran up a good turnout in the state Supreme Court race and gave incumbent Justice David Prosser nearly 11,000 votes.

Unofficial, unaudited results showed 76 percent of city residents who voted picked Prosser, with 24 percent voting for challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg.

It does not matter that a Democratic election official who had previously vouched for the authenticity of the error on April 7 has since recanted (one must imagine under intense, um, pressure from her friends on the left and in the unions).  The correct vote totals were reported by the election officials on election night giving credence to the explanation provided on April 7.  There was no fraud.  But it’s easy to plant the seed of doubt in people’s minds.  So that’s what they’re doing.

Trying to undermine the election process.  It’s the Democratic way!

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