Secession! It’s not just for wingnuts anymore

As some fringe Republican groups demonstrated in 2006 and 2010, when the political winds won’t blow your way, threaten secession.  The Wall Street Journal reports that the fringe left is determined to repeat this embarrassing behavior.

With copies of the Arizona constitution before them, they debated how to turn Pima County—a liberal southern swatch of Arizona that borders Mexico and includes Tucson—into “Baja Arizona.”

“What’s the objective?” one member asked the group, Start Our State.

“Becoming our own state and making our own decisions,” said organizer Paul Eckerstrom.

Baja Arizona (the working title) will almost certainly remain a dream, but it suggests the growing chasm between the state’s Republican leaders and its frustrated liberal minority.

I can’t say that I didn’t see something like this coming.  Tantrums over not getting one’s way are becoming all too familiar in modern politics.  If we are to have rational political discourse in this, or any other nation we need to learn how to accept defeat, debate even if it is (gasp) to no avail, wait for the next election, and convince people of the merits of our arguments.   We should not be taking our ball and going home.

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2 Responses to Secession! It’s not just for wingnuts anymore

  1. katydid says:

    These secession “movements” are indeed idiotic tantrums over not getting one’s way and they are distressingly divisive. I’m not sure many people know any more how to make a convincing verbal or written argument, but everyone seems to know how to verbally (or in writing) make screeching predictions that the world as we know it will END unless THEY are in charge. Very frustrating and tiresome.

  2. roopost says:

    Viva the Conch Republic!

    Kind regards,

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