Wisconsin Democrats to Return

The Washington Post is reporting the democratic Senators from Wisconsin plan to return:

The State Senate Democrats who left Wisconsin to block a vote on a bill that would severely curb collective bargaining for most public employees are planning to return soon, one of the lawmakers said.

State Sen. Robert Jauch said the 14 Democrats are convinced that passing the measure would severely damage their Republican opponents.

“We should be returning soon in order to provide an opportunity for a vote and to hold the Republicans responsible for their actions,” Jauch said. “It will be a chance to see whether the Republicans are on the side of the people who oppose this or on the side of a governor who is out of touch with the people.”

This is very unfair, imo, as it seems that the people who are out of touch here are the democrats and the people – who fail to understand the fiscal situation our federal government is in, nor do they understand the pressure this is placing on states, who have to balance their budget. The national debt is $14 trillion dollars but everyone seems to think this means we can keep our taxes low and our benefits high. This is just not true, as the same Washington Post has shown, and OB&B covered: Americans Fail to Understand the Federal Budget. Once the American people come to understand the true depth of this problem, the people who fled their responsibility to deal with issue will not be seen in a favorable light. It’s only a matter of time.

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