Waiting for Jon Huntsman

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that Jon Huntsman fans are just not going away:

Can you launch a campaign without a candidate?

A political action committee is stepping up efforts to lay the groundwork for a White House run by Jon Huntsman, a Republican who recently announced plans to resign as the U.S. ambassador to China.

Horizon PAC launched a website Tuesday with a whimsical flair, featuring a prominent red H and the notion “Maybe Someday.”

“Maybe someday we’ll find a new generation of conservative leaders. Well-grounded leaders of vision. Who will bring back America. Maybe someday,” the page states.

A spokesman for the committee said the message is meant to reflect the group’s “support for a new generation of conservative candidates that care more about working to achieve long-lasting solutions than politics as usual in Washington.”

Huntsman’s name is never mentioned on the site, and the committee stresses that it “does not have an official connection” to the former Utah governor and that “he is not formally or informally involved.” They do, however, describe it as a “campaign in waiting.”

I went to HPAC to see for myself what they had to say:

Horizon PAC is an independent non-profit Political Organization founded by a group of citizens seeking to support candidates who will have a long-lasting impact on America. The goal of Horizon PAC is to help elect a new generation of conservative candidates for local and state offices all across America. The political action committee supports free-market values, principled leadership and a commitment to long-term solutions.

It looks like another essential component of an effective campaign has lined up for Ambassador Huntsman. I can hardly wait for his term to end in April so he can speak freely as to his vision for America. I think the American people are ready for real change and Jon Huntsman is the man to deliver it.

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