Ohio Senate Passes Public Union Restrictions

The Ohio Senate passed a bill curtailing the power of public unions Wednesday the NYT reports:

Lawmakers who supported the bill said it would allow government to function more like the private sector, with the flexibility to have more control over its operating costs. But its opponents argued that the private sector had slashed older workers, something the new bill was in danger of allowing.

“Who says the private sector has the golden standard on what it means to treat folks?” Senator Turner said.

I have a better question. Who says public sector spending is sustainable or efficient? This isn’t about workplace conditions. This is about budget deficits on local, county, state and federal levels and the inability of the tax payer to continue to foot the bill. It’s rather unfortunate that leftist policies have created such a fiscal nightmare, but if the people want fiscal responsibility on the part of the government it means that public employees are going to be facing job insecurity just like the rest of us.

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