Huntsman Documentary Non-Political, Moonbats Weep

As I reported yesterday, a documentary crew has been following Jon Hunstman in China. This set off a round of speculation that he might be in violation of the law, as the NYT reports:

It’s a dramatic — and potentially illegal — notion: the idea that Mr. Huntsman, who has resigned his post effective the end of April, might have hired a television crew to document his time as ambassador for use in a potential presidential campaign.

But the truth seems to be far less sexy than all that. The Academy Award-winning producer of the documentary told The Caucus in an interview Thursday that she is making a film about diplomacy between the United States and China, and that Mr. Huntsman’s abrupt decision to resign has complicated her life.

“Bummer for us,” said Geralyn White Dreyfous, who said the film was not a campaign effort or in any way controlled by Mr. Huntsman. “We got permission from the State Department to make this film. We’re not making a film about Mr. Huntsman.”

For the left, getting rid of Ambassador Huntsman might be a little more difficult tossing around allegations and hoping they stick. They may want to study his policies and find the flaw in them, if possible, instead. Just an idea.

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