You Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Updated

The website Crooks and Liars is living up to its name yet again, and the irony is too rich:

The problem is the media types did do their job, and all too well, if progressive bloggers like Susie Madrak would simply fact check themselves: Nefarious Plot Thwarted by Local News Man. The Kochs are not interested in purchasing Wisconsin’s polluting, out-of-date power plants. Again, the progressives should focus on debating the merits of their position instead of making up Kochspiracy theories and projecting their inability to research onto the press.

Addendum: Additionally – the state of Wisconsin’s power plants are at the universities and prisons and a few health facilities. The state does not provide energy to private citizens. So, this job posting proves nothing. There is no indication if this “Energy client” is a private company serving the citizens of Wisconsin or if it is the state itself. I believe it’s called, “grasping at straws.”

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