Iran’s Nuclear Bust

It seems the struggle for nuclear superiority has suffered a major set back for Iran:

In a major setback to Iran’s nuclear program, technicians will have to unload fuel from the country’s first atomic power plant because of an unspecified safety concern, a senior government official said.

The vague explanation raised questions about whether the mysterious computer worm known as Stuxnet might have caused more damage at the Bushehr plant than previously acknowledged. Other explanations are possible for unloading the fuel rods from the reactor core of the newly completed plant, including routine technical difficulties.

While the exact reason behind the fuel’s removal is unclear, the admission is seen as a major embarrassment for Tehran because it has touted Bushehr — Iran’s first atomic power plant — as its showcase nuclear facility and sees it as a source of national pride. When the Islamic Republic began loading the fuel just four months ago, Iranian officials celebrated the achievement.

Any set back for this regime is a good thing.

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One Response to Iran’s Nuclear Bust

  1. 71LesPaul says:

    from the linked article..

    “Iran always gives priority to the safety of the plant based on highest global standards,” Soltanieh added.

    I thought that was somewhat amusing. You’d think in the Islamic Republic where everything happens because it’s the will of Allah they wouldn’t need to worry about their nuclear plant conforming to the highest global standards for safety. Why should the Mullahs need to go back and X-ray the welds if Allah so clearly wants this plant up and running! ha.

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