Netroots to Protest Everywhere

The progressives at Daily Kos are cranking up their distortion machinery via emails:

They want all workplaces to become dictatorships.

The level of ignorance and hyperbole here is simply astounding. First of all, OSHA is not being outlawed. Second, free markets mean employers need to offer good wages and benefits to attract competent workers to their firm instead of working for the competition. Their rationality is based on a fallacy. I don’t think Koslings have read much Adam Smith.

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2 Responses to Netroots to Protest Everywhere

  1. Brandon says:

    Kosumists read Adam Smith? HAHAHA! Koslings reading Adam Smith would be like creationists reading The Origin of Species or Nancy Peolsi reading the Constitution. Might be too much for them and make their heads explode.

    • Drae says:

      It’s funny you say that, as I noticed earlier that the only form of Darwinism the left doesn’t embrace is the economic kind. I think that’s just fascinating.

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