Coming Soon: Huntsman for America

It looks like Jon Huntsman is getting serious about the 2012 election, at least according to his new Twitter account:

So far, huntsmanforamerica is nothing more than a Go Daddy page. I’m assuming the content won’t be unveiled until after he leaves his post in Beijing, which is the professional thing to do. But the domain is registered and so it seems, unless this is a clever ruse, that creating a fight between republicans for the Utah Senate seat is not Huntsman’s choice. I’m very pleased about this development, as I think Jon Huntsman has the Reaganesque qualities America needs.

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One Response to Coming Soon: Huntsman for America

  1. roopost says:


    Here’s an interesting notion for 2012, (though I suspect unlikely), Obama v. Huntsman for President – a campaign and series of debates, ads, and exchanges where neither side relies on mud or hyperbole to make a point – and where the two candidates actually respect each other. Best of all, Fox News with nothing to say.

    Kind regards,

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