Gaddafi Demands Martyrdom

How do you say “delusional” in Arabic?

In a defiant speech on state television Tuesday, Libyan strongman Moammar Gaddafi rejected demands that he relinquish power, even as leaders of a popular revolt seized control in some areas and top officials resigned to protest attacks on civilians.

“I will not leave the country, and I will die as a martyr,” Gaddafi, 68, said in the lengthy but disjointed address.

The Libyan leader, whose government has been weakened in recent days even as it has brutally cracked down on mass protests, also said “damn those who try to stir unrest.” He blamed the six-day-old popular revolt on “mercenaries” and foreign influences.

Again – it’s too late for this sort of grandstanding. The people in the Arab world have already seen the events in Egypt. The already know they can win if they stick together. Gaddafi might get his wish except for the martyr part.

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