Devastation in New Zealand

Terrible news coming out of New Zealand today:

New Zealand’s second-largest city, Christchurch, was rocked Tuesday by an earthquake that destroyed part of its cathedral and killed at least 65 people, with officials warning the death toll could double as rescuers pick through collapsed offices and buildings.

“We may well be witnessing New Zealand’s darkest day,” said Prime Minister John Key from Christchurch in the wake of the disaster, which has left much of the city without electricity and closed its international airport. “What was a vibrant city a few hours ago has been brought to its knees.”

It was strong enough to calve a glacier too:

Two guides and 16 passengers were on two boats on the lake when the 6.3 magnitude Canterbury earthquake hit, triggering tsunamis and causing a massive ice calving off the glacier.

About 30 million tonnes of ice calved – 1200 metres across the face, 30 metres above the lake and more than 250 metres below the surface to the bottom of the lake and back for about 75 metres.

Our hopes and prayers are with the people in New Zealand today, and I’m sure the American people will respond, as we always do, with aid and assistance.

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