Happy Birthday, Kurt

Having not played any Nirvana at OB&B as of yet, the song choice to mark what would have been Kurt Cobain’s 44th birthday is wide open for me but playing something popular that most people have heard seems a wasted opportunity to expose you to the real brilliance of Kurt and Nirvana. Honestly – Nirvana’s best music is the more obscure stuff.

For example – “Opinion,” which was recorded in 1990 (before Nevermind) during a radio appearance and features simply Kurt, an acoustic guitar and a poem. Written in the car on the way to the radio station (IIRC), the lyrics showcase Kurt’s cynical take on the media with the lack of accompaniment making this short and simple song quite haunting and profound.

For me, a proper remembrance should include mention of Kurt’s depression. Untreated depression is the leading cause of suicide, and Kurt showed that wealth and fame are not the cure. It is not only a day to remember Kurt, but a day to remember the Importance of One. Rest in Peace, Kurt.

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday, Kurt

  1. Alex says:

    Happy birthday Kurt. Your music and life is a inspiration to everyone. You made music sound sound good and interesting, like no one else could. On this special day I wish you could sing me a song.

    Today is your birthyday, and I hope that a blue magician in a blue helicopter shows you a free movie and drops you 500 ice cream treats.

    Death has defeated me on this pitiful day, but
    because of Lord Christ’s almight power, he can help us recover from it.

    Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain. Have a Happy and Delightful Birthday, whereever you might be right now. How you have an exciting and priviledged day today.

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