Libya’s Deja Vu Moment

I’m having a real sense of deja vu, as reports say that the internet has indeed been cut in Libya. I don’t think that’s as effective as the Middle East despots seem to think it is. For one, Egypt was only shut off from the net outside Egypt – they could still communicate with each other, which is actually more important, imo. Here’s more:

“Almost nobody in Egypt has Internet connectivity. I’ve never seen it happen at this scale,” aid Jim Cowie, the chief technology officer of Renesys, a company based in New Hampshire that tracks Internet traffic.

Egypt didn’t cut off all traffic on the Internet. It shut off the relatively limited number of high-bandwidth connections linking internetworks inside the country with the Internet outside. It didn’t do much of anything, apparently, to cut off traffic inside the country, or to cut off communications among the protesters.

If the people can still communicate with each other using technology within Libya, then precious good it will do to keep them from organizing. Must be why Gadhafi cut the electricity too.

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