New Radiohead Album on Saturday!

I have been reliably informed via The Current (*) that Radiohead’s new album The King of Limbs will be available for digital download beginning this Saturday (the official album release is not until May).  While it is difficult for me to picture it topping their last offering,  In Rainbows, I officially can not wait to hear it.

(*) It seems The Current will be featuring the history of Apple Records on February 20.  This is a must-listen for me.

And now on to a beautiful, but lesser known Radiohead track that was left off of OK Computer. It kinda sums me up every once in awhile.

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3 Responses to New Radiohead Album on Saturday!

  1. Drae says:

    I wonder if the Eminem/digital downloads lawsuit is a factor in this release. Seems strange for a band to release their album in one format months before they release it in another. It could be their way of maximizing digital sales where they will get a larger cut of the money. If this is their reasoning, kudos to them. Make every dime you can, Guys.

  2. Gripweed says:

    Well, their last attempt at this was a bit of a mess. You see, with “In Rainbows” they did a prerelease on their own website which was to to the effect of “pay what you want for it.” I downloaded it for 1 pound. A lot of other people did that as well. Then we realized that the audio quality of the download was far, far less than a digital download from iTunes. Then they added a bonus disc to the “official” version. People were not too happy about that either. People had to go out and buy it anyway.

    It’s strange considering their politics are FAR left (if you look at their website). But yes, they are capitalists at heart.

  3. Drae says:

    I heard about the “pay what you want” fiasco through, what else? The Current!

    And of course they are capitalists at heart. Everyone is.

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