Happy Darwin Day!

Alongside The Principia and The Wealth of Nations, no other book had a more instant and wide impact as Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species. Today, on what would have been his birthday, Jonathan P. Smith writes Defending Darwin Is Long-Term Effort:

If America is to remain the leader in global technology, the general public must come to realize the essentiality of science education, and understand the acceptance of the biological process of evolution to be factual and critically important. Failure carries the consequences associated with any country that rejects any scientific evidence simply to placate personal ideologies.

While we certainly agree with this statement, it’s more than just evolution that is coming under attack. Critical thinking in general seems reviled at times, from both the left and the right. This is problematic because science and liberty go hand in hand, as illustrated in the book The Science of Liberty. Science and Freedom have more enemies than simply the foes of evolution. We honor Charles Darwin today not just for his contribution of the theory of evolution but by additionally noting that while he is at the forefront of the battle over science, he is far from alone.

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