Beatles Song of the Week

Having grown weary of international travel to promote their new music, The Beatles created a promotional film to satiate the demands of television producers in need of the day’s top music for their audiences. And thus The Beatles video for “Paperback Writer” may have given rise to an industry that would, alas, eventually lead us to MTV. As well as being an important piece of musical history in this regard, “Paperback Writer” is also one heck of a great Beatles theme song for bookworms and authors alike.

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2 Responses to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. Gripweed says:

    I absolutely love the quality of this video. It looks like it could have been shot last week. And the song still sounds fresh.

    Must. Resist. Going. Into. Instrument Geek Mode.


    I love seeing George playing the Gibson SG. It just looks so different to see him playing it. The lead guitar actually sounds like it’s Paul playing it (and Paul has claimed he did). For me Paul’s lead guitar sound is unmistakeable and carried through his Beatles and solo years. I like to think I can always tell when it’s him and not George (but I’m sure I’m mistaken sometimes).

    Paul may be playing the Hofner bass in the video, but this record (along with the double-A side “Rain”) was a Rickenbacker bass showcase if ever there was one. I’ll have to devote a post to Paul’s amazing work on the Rickenbacker bass someday.

    One other geeky thing about this video is that for reasons never fully explained Paul seems to have a broken tooth. Check him out at 1:37 of this video or at 0:45 of “Rain.” I’ve read rumors that he was in a fight with John, but the likely cause was a moped accident suffered in December of 1965. Odd that he would still not have had it fixed by May of 1966 when this video was filmed. It certainly gave some ammunition to the “Paul is dead and was replaced by a double” rumor mill, though.

  2. Drae says:

    “I absolutely love the quality of this video.”

    I do try, when able to post the actual videos to songs, to find one of quality. These two videos DO look amazing.

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