Bush Women Join Gay Marriage Fight

Another prominent figure on the right has come out in favor of gay marriage – Barbara Bush. No, not the former First Lady but the former First Daughter, who joins her mother Laura in publicly supporting gay rights:

It’s days like these when I wonder if it isn’t the Ladies of the House of Bush who should have been in public office. But it goes to show that support for gay marriage is continuing to grow, including on the right, and hopefully Barbara the Younger will help more conservatives join this effort.

I also think it is important for younger voters to see that young conservatives actually support gay rights, since these are voters who are less concerned with social issues. So in that regard, Barbara is giving the GOP some free outreach, though it will likely have a minimal impact. But I, for one, applaud Barbara Bush for speaking out on her position. And I must say – she’d make a great staffer in a Huntsman White House, imo.

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3 Responses to Bush Women Join Gay Marriage Fight

  1. roopost says:


    Another good post. Thank you. I finding it increasingly interesting that the ‘most interesting’ players in the political and cultural world tend to be women. While clearly not devoid of their own challenged membership, there seems to be more on the left and right in the ranks of women who are of far more interest (and arguably qualification) than the traditional male crowd.

    Kind regards,

  2. Drae says:

    Well – for every Barbara Bush, Laura Bush, Cindy McCain and Meghan McCain, we have a Christine O’Donnell and Michele Bachmann.

    I think the larger problem in politics isn’t based on gender, but rather that reasonable people with integrity and intelligence don’t want to run for office, and who can blame them?

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