Tuesday Bluesday – Otis Redding and Bluesy Soul

After posting the amazing Janis Joplin performance of “Ball n’ Chain” from the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967,  was reminded of another legendary performance from that festival.  Otis Redding.

Now, Otis Redding had already been already on the map as a R&B/Soul performer by the spring of 1967.  He had not, however, been exposed to the rock and roll mainstream.  Monterey Pop was his opportunity to go “mainstream.”  And he took that opportunity and ran with it.  And ran, and ran, and ran.

Backed by soul legends Booker T. and the MGs and the Bar-Kays, Otis whipped the festival into a frenzy with his high-energy set.  What followed was the song you are about to hear, “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (to stop now).”  See for yourself just how good of a performer this man was and how much promise his career had during this breakthrough performance.

I say this because less than six months later Otis Redding and several members of the Bar-Kays were killed in a plane crash.  Otis Redding, as a result of this performance and the buzz that it generated, was poised to be a superstar for decades, not years.  Instead we can only look back at his brief career and wonder what might have been.

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