New Year’s Predictions

Well – it’s not really so much a prediction for the New Year. It’s more a prediction on The Current’s Top 89 year end countdown, now being broadcast. They asked listeners to select their favorite ten songs of the year and so far the countdown has been great, though I made sure to hit the bar while they played the low fruit. And I do want to go on record predicting the top 3 songs Minneapolis selected as the best before we hit midnight.

I predict song #3, in Minneapolis’ opinion, will be “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Soundsystem. The song rocketed to number one shortly after it’s debut on The Current, and stayed on top of the chart until it was retired to the Hall of Fame. The Current played an edited version of the song, since it’s nearly 9 minutes long, making it a bit radio unfriendly in that sense, but here it is in all its delicious dance glory:

Number Two and Number One are going to be back-to-back Mumford and Sons. Hard to say which will finish on top over the other, since both are great songs, but a prediction has to make the call, and I’m going to go with “The Cave” for #2:

Leaving “Little Lion Man” for #1. This is the top song of the year, because everyone loves the excellent use of profanity, frankly.

Tomorrow, I shall report back to see how well I did. Happy New Year!

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