Beatles Song of the Week

We’d like to dedicate this song to the creeps and friends of WikiLeaks. By seeking to undermine the United States with extra-legal means instead of using legal means of reform or the force of reason to sway others, the WikiLeaks goons have made enemies of those who might have otherwise agreed with them. With a complete disregard for those whom they’re hurting, these punks can count us out of their little revolution.

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One Response to Beatles Song of the Week

  1. Gripweed says:

    Yes, the oh-so-brave wannabe anarchists. Let’s tear down the system and replace it with…what, exactly? So revealing government secrets will somehow guarantee that the government will what, stop keeping secrets, or something? Wikileaks is apparently against any war that is currently, or has previously been fought. But any future war caused by the fracturing of intelligence, the erosion of trust between nations and the revelations contained in their leaks is hunky dory?

    They seem to regard themselves as soldiers in the Basement Rebellion of 2010. Do they place bandanas over their webcams? Because they’re badass like that. At least real anarchists get up and leave the house.

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