There is something very Beatle-ish about this Jeremy Messersmith song, at least for me. I could sit here and wonder if it’s just me, but that’s hardly any fun. Or I could blog it and create a new running feature Gripweed and I have tossed around – Beatlessence. This feature will be for songs that have an essence of Beatles about them that Gripweed and I want to share and debate with you, our Readers. Enjoy!

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One Response to Beatlessence

  1. Drae says:

    To be honest – I blogged this to get Gripweed’s take on the Beatle-ishness of this song. I was hoping he could tell us all the little musical tricks Jeremy borrowed. It was either this song, or a song to bring out Gripweed’s inner glockenspiel geek.

    Perhaps we can create a Beatlessence scale… And feel free to share some Beatlessence songs with us too!

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