Unreleased Beatles – John Edition

Here at OB&B one of our goals is to share the music of The Beatles with our readers.  That includes songs that never made it to vinyl.  For years these songs were but mysteries, available only on highly expensive bootleg albums.  With the advent of YouTube these songs can be heard in their rough, unfinished glory.  One can only wonder what these songs might have sounded like if they had finished them.

Well, in the case of “Child of Nature,” recorded during the White Album sessions by John and George, we know.  It would be called “Jealous Guy,” released on John’s 1971 album Imagine.

Next we have the song “Watching Rainbows” which The Beatles recorded several times between 1968 and 1969.  Its sound is typical of the “Get Back” sessions and one can hear shades of “I’ve Got a Feeling” in the chord structure.

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