Yahoo Blocking Users from Features – Updated

I’ve made mention of Yahoo censoring comments before – when the user’s comment is never posted – but now the moderators at OMG! from Yahoo! are now preventing me from commenting in a whole new way – by not allowing me to log in on this spread of fashion photos from the CMA awards. I’ve tried logging in repeatedly, but each time OMG! says I need to log in to rate comments or leave a comment.

If you take the time to view the spread and read the critiques and user comments, you’ll see the fashion critic is taking a beating, and rightfully so after countless cruel comments about the fashions and make-up. The poor taste of the Yahoo! fashion critics have been noticed by more than me – many users have left similar comments to mine pointing this out in the last few weeks.  Last night, I posted I would contact Yahoo! Corporate about this. Then OMG! started telling me I wasn’t logged in when I was on other Yahoo! pages.   This has continued to be the case this morning.  I’ll certainly add this to my complaint I’ll be lodging with Yahoo! HQ.

Granted, I don’t expect every OB&B reader to care much about the fashion world, but this new technique by OMG! from Yahoo! is troubling for more than poor writing and fashion sense. It speaks quite a bit about the level of games being played in the new media. I’m not going to be bullied by the OMG! fashion critic and Yahoo! moderators. I’ll be calling Yahoo! about this and the other incidents of censorship I’ve noticed in the past few months. If you or anyone you know has experienced Yahoo censoring comments, please do let corporate know about it.

UPDATE: It’s taken nearly 2 weeks, but my posting privileges at OMG! from Yahoo! have been restored. I’m looking forward to ruining some critic’s day.

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