No Love for Sarah

President George W. Bush still leaves me half angry and half admiring. For all his faults, there are still points on which I agree with him:

Two years of retirement haven’t dulled George W. Bush’s political zest – and President Obama and Sarah Palin are among his under-the-radar targets.

The 43rd President has told friends the ex-Alaska governor isn’t qualified to be President and criticizes Arizona Sen. John McCain for putting Palin on the 2008 GOP ticket and handing her a national platform.

I’m sure Sarah will note this is another unnamed source, but considering the polling numbers are against her, perhaps the analysis is fair regardless of sourcing. Challenging her critics to name themselves might backfire on Sarah, especially when done so juvenilely:

She [Palin] also lit into those quoted, telling Greta Van Susteren they “want to lead the nation and run the world” and yet “they’re not brave enough to put their name in an article.” She called them “the GOP the establishment — the self-proclaimed elite” and added that “if they would man up and if they would, you know, make these claims against me, then I can debate them.”

UPDATE: Palin has now sarcastically referred to Politico and other detractors “puppy-kicking, chain-smoking porn producers” in an email to the Daily Caller.

She reportedly wrote: “I suppose I could play their immature, unprofessional, waste-of-time game, too, by claiming these reporters and politicos are homophobe, child molesting, tax evading, anti-dentite, puppy-kicking, chain smoking porn producers…really, they are… I’ve seen it myself…but I’ll only give you the information off-the-record, on deep, deep background; attribute these ‘facts’ to an ‘anonymous source’ and I’ll give you more.”

Name-calling isn’t debate, and frankly – it reinforces the point being made that Sarah Palin isn’t qualified and would make a poor nominee. A point so obvious, even the “stupid” George W. Bush can see it.

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4 Responses to No Love for Sarah

  1. Katydid says:

    Good points!

  2. Drae says:

    Thanks! I think if Sarah wants to debate, she should toss her hat in the ring and debate the other nominee contenders. I think she’ll show she’s not capable.

    For me it’s a “be careful what you wish for” sort of thing.

  3. roopost says:


    Indeed. There may be some unplumbed depths there, but without a debate against her detractors in a forum that cannot be filtered, the soundings will fail.

    Kind regards,

  4. Drae says:

    Roopost – like I said, I hope she tosses her hat in the ring and she’ll get her debates.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll continue to visit. Cheers!

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