Stunning Wins for Minnesota GOP

An unbelievable night for the Minnesota GOP:

In a stunning victory, Republicans swept into the majority in the Minnesota Senate for the first time in more than a generation and by early Wednesday had followed that by also taking control of the House.

The Republicans’ gains in the House were no less impressive, wiping out an 87 to 47 DFL majority that even strategists within the Republican Party said was likely out of reach. The mounting losses throughout the evening dazed DFLers, who felt optimistic that DFLer Mark Dayton’s gubernatorial prospects would translate to victory in the Legislature.

While Joel Demos, Congressional candidate for the 5th Congressional District, lost to Ellison, there were gains made by his campaign that will not be mentioned by the press, but we in the 5th CD are very proud of Joel and the campaign he ran.

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One Response to Stunning Wins for Minnesota GOP

  1. Drae says:

    I am hoping that soon I will be able to share more concerning Mr. Demos and his campaign. We had some very exciting developments this year, and the impact could be electrifying…

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