The Hypocrisy Files

The democrats might have a difficult time convincing people that they’re victims of special interests if the msm continues to fact check: Democrats blast GOP ‘front groups,’ but use them too

While President Obama and other Democrats have excoriated Republican “front groups” for using secret money to pay for attack ads, the party’s political committees have begun doing something similar: collecting cash from outside nonprofit groups that don’t disclose their contributors and using the money to pay for negative campaign commercials, campaign records show.

One group, Patriot Majority PAC — a Democratic political committee that has run a hard-hitting $1.7 million attack ad campaign against Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for Harry Reid’s Senate seat in Nevada — has gotten one of its largest donations, $250,000, from a left-leaning nonprofit that doesn’t release the names of any of its contributors, the records show.

Another newly formed political committee, America’s Families First Action Fund, which is running negative commercials against Republicans in House races across the country, recently got $1 million from a closely related nonprofit affiliate, the records show. Both organizations were set up over the summer by Democratic strategists, who emphasized in a memo to donors that contributions to the nonprofit could be kept anonymous.

I don’t personally approve these financing rules, as I believe elections should transparent and candidates held accountable, but for democrats like Nancy Pelosi and the President to complain about these groups while simultaneously taking advantage of them reeks of hypocrisy.

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2 Responses to The Hypocrisy Files

  1. vxbush says:

    And yet they are allowed to get away with it–except for this article, I’ve seen no others. I keep hoping the media will keep both sides accountable in their position as a free press, but they seem unwilling for the most part. Let this article be a start.

  2. Drae says:

    I found a similar story at Politico last week, and blogged it:

    I hope the press stays on this too, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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