Poll: No-bama in 2012?

I’ve been thinking this myself for awhile now:

The AP-KN poll has tracked a group of people and their views since the beginning of the 2008 presidential campaign. Among all 2008 voters, 51 percent say he deserves to be defeated in November 2012 while 47 percent support his re-election — essentially a tie. [A tie if 51 = 47 in your universe – ed.]

Among Democrats, 47 percent say Obama should be challenged for the 2012 nomination and 51 percent say he should not be opposed. [Note it’s not “essentially a tie” this time, so 47 doesn’t equal 51 – ed.] Those favoring a contest include most who backed Hillary Rodham Clinton’s unsuccessful faceoff against Obama for the 2008 nomination. The poll did not ask if Democrats would support particular challengers.

If Obama ignores the people’s will and fights Congress, it could backfire on him. Frankly, he’ll have to opt for some Clintonesque triangulation.

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3 Responses to Poll: No-bama in 2012?

  1. Gripweed says:

    And 120% think he should stop using the slurpee analogy already.

    So played, dude (for I hear that’s how all the awesomely hip people refer to him now).

  2. Drae says:

    How can they have “essentially a tie” in a controlled group of people they’ve been tracking for two years? There would be no margin of error because it’s not random sampling. I believe it’s called “spin.”

  3. Drae says:

    Weasel words, I tell you.

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