Misleading Headline of the Day

Clinton: US Working To Ending Mexico Drug Violence

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton reiterated her support Friday for ending Mexico’s drug violence, saying it was in the United States’ interest to crack down on drug cartels that have begun behaving more like terrorists and insurgent groups.

I have to assume this means “spend more money,” because there certainly isn’t anything in this piece that suggests how the US can end Mexican drug violence short of invading Mexico. The status quo isn’t going to end the violence in Mexico or anywhere else, but that isn’t stopping those in power from sticking to a failed policy.

However, my biggest problem is in labeling this “drug violence.” This is an inaccurate term. It’s black market violence – another lovely unintended consequence of government regulation. I suspect the term “black market violence” is too honest a phrase for Washington, as it might cause the electorate to examine the real issue of government regulation creating violence, and the last thing they want the voters realizing is the source of “drug violence” is them.

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