Conservatism in Ten Minutes

Best wishes to Bill Whittle, who has left PJTV for a new project, Declaration Entertainment. His first video concisely explains conservatism in just under ten minutes:

My only minor point of contention with Mr. Whittle is the label “tea party” conservatism, as this is simply conservatism. In 1956, Frederick Hayek lamented the misuse of the word “liberal” and today a similar misuse has spread to “conservative.” For example, big government republicans are not conservatives, but that doesn’t stop the left, pundits, and the electorate from labeling them (or anyone right of center) a “conservative.” In my opinion, the long running problem of misapplication of labels in politics has contributed to today’s political confusion and while I certainly understand Mr. Whittle’s position, I intend to use plain, old “conservative,” and call the rest republicans.

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4 Responses to Conservatism in Ten Minutes

  1. Irish Rose says:

    I agree… same rule applies to people who label all Democrats as “Liberals” and “Progressives” when they’re nothing of the sort.

    Of course the hardest hits are reserved those of us who have the audacity to occupy the center.

  2. Fran says:

    Good job, Drae!

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