Of Beatles

Like many of our peers, we grew up hearing The Beatles, but it wasn’t until our respective Best Friends came into our lives that our love affair with The Beatles took root.  For both of us, it became a contest with our BFs to see who could get their hands on a Beatle album before the other.  We spent countless hours pouring over video footage, memorizing all the lines in ‘Help!’ and, of course, singing along at the top of our lungs.

Years later this devotion would cement other friendships, and a long established love for the film ‘Help!’ was the catalyst for the friendship here at Of Buckley and Beatles.  It is a true testament to the greatness of The Beatles that they can bring together multiple generations and cultures in a spirit of harmony, creating bonds of friendship between diverse people more than 40 years after they dissolved.  It is our hope that, when opinions on music or politics divide, The Beatles will continue to provide common ground between our readers as they have done for so many decades.

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